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For over 10 years, our designers and workers have the skill to bring out your specific vision into any piece of bowls, wears, toys and indoor, outdoor products. Focused on making every pet-supply breathtaking to any audience, our sales and design team place your desired individual design, handmade, and other demands.

Rising Fortune designers are trained to adopt different approaches from various clutures and work with experts to ensure that our pet-supplies expresses your brand’s message in a throughout-provoking way.

We Collect Pet Supplies From Best Manufacturers

Possessing the facilities that state-of-the-art equipment, our workshops enable our workers to customize pet bowls, wears, toys and a full range of pet-supplies to suit your preferences and realize your brand’s quality.

Futhermore, for collecting a complete product line, we have experienced team that can find various interesting products with quality from the other manufacturers.

Focus On Excellent

Our professional workers use advanced tools for the fine hand-making of our pet-supplies with attention to detail and dedication to meet your exact requests.

From product selection and mold making to designing and product distribution, Rising Fortune practices excellence in each step to offer the best pet-supplies for our clients. Strict inspection and auditing is conducted at the end of every process, ensuring our high standards and safety.



Marble is used in combination with furniture to present the highest quality grades.

Apr 16, 2023

The natural properties of natural marble give it a natural simplicity, beautiful patterns and unique qualities that allow designers with an unconstrained style to express their thoughts at will and show their creative ideas and intentions, making it very suitable for wall decoration. The texture of natural marble gives it a solemn atmosphere, so that the people who live in it can clearly feel that they have a high cultural taste. In the aesthetic development of contemporary urban art, young elites in it pay more attention to the true appearance of life, and marble will certainly appear in high-quality home decoration. Whether it is elegant and simple Chinese style or fashionable modern style, marble can shine brilliantly. The sofa background wall with green jadeite stone, beige ammonite TV background modelling, Italian grey stone floor, grey wood veneer and hard bag wall covering all give the room a different life interest and artistic playful tone. In order to emphasize the temperament of the space, the shape of the furniture is subtracted, simple and clear lines are used to reflect the texture of the space, and the choice of furniture materials is also considered in combination with the tonality of the space, so that the space can achieve harmony and unity in different dimensions. The colour of the room is a strange ruler. According to the temperament of the room, white snow-white stone is used to make a spliced TV background wall, light brown Ionian marble is used to pave the floor, jazz white marble is used to decorate the wall of the bathroom space, and resin plate and transparent long glass are used to separate the private space. Against the backdrop of marble, the whole environment shines brightly, giving people beautiful and warm senses, and raising art to a new level. Marble is an indispensable material for home decoration.


The Fuding Jinshan Industrial Zone: a remarkable transformation and upgrading effect

Feb 28, 2023

Recently, this reporter visited the Jinshan Industrial Park in Bailin Town and saw two rows of brand-new factories lining both sides of the main road. Going deep into the park, Kangda Stone Industry Co, Ltd saw the cutting, grinding and burning lines in the production workshop speeding up, workers busy in front of various machine tools and the production scene in full swing. This fiery production scene is just a microcosm of many enterprises in Jinshan Industrial Park. In recent years, Fuding City has seized the opportunity provided by the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate to further promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional stone industry, accelerate the construction of a modern stone industrial park, and promote the transformation of the city’s stone industry from extensive growth to green development and high-quality development. Since the start of industrial rectification in 2017, Bailin Town has reorganised 348 stone enterprises into 28 standardisation enterprises and 2 deep processing enterprises, and successively invested 300 million yuan to improve the park’s infrastructure facilities, introduced an industrial sewage recycling system, and added noise reduction, dust removal, rain and sewage diversion and other equipment, which has truly achieved zero discharge of production sewage and sludge, and solid waste recycling. Weng Yichuan, deputy general manager of Fuding City Huayue Stone Industry Co, Ltd, told the reporter that after the upgrading of the stone industrial park, the company’s annual output value is nearly 7 million yuan, which is 20% higher than before. At the same time, the company has also introduced a series of waste water treatment equipment in line with national standards, achieving national zero-emission standards. The transformation of the industrial park has not only increased economic income, but also protected the green mountains and green hills of Bailin Town. Not only the companies, but also the local villagers have been very satisfied with the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry in Bailin Town. Li Qiangqiang, a villager, said that since the upgrading of the stone industry, the town’s pollution has been reduced, the air quality has improved and the water is clear. The most important thing is that the industrial park has helped me find work at home, and my personal annual income has also increased. To date, the annual output value of Jinshan Industrial Park in Bailin Town has reached more than 500 million yuan, and the standardised stone industrial park has taken shape. In addition, Jinshan Industrial Park in Bailin Town plans to further build a Fujian-Zhejiang stone trading centre that integrates front-end R&D design, mid-end production and processing, and end-end marketing. It is estimated that it will create about 12,000 jobs in the future, with an annual output value of nearly 1.5 billion yuan and a tax profit of about 200 million yuan. Referring to the follow-up development of Jinshan Industrial Park in Bailin Town, Cai Jiapei, director of the Bailin Jinshan Industrial Park Management Committee, said: “We will take the spirit of the 20th Party Congress as a guide and the work report of the Municipal Party Committee as a guideline, implement the mechanism of “three stresses, two creations and one goal”, write the second half of the article on transformation and upgrading, further improve the added value of stone materials, extend the stone materials industrial chain, turn resource advantages into economic advantages, fully promote the green transformation and upgrading of the park, and realise the upgrading and efficiency of traditional stone materials industries.” In recent years, we have taken Jinshan Industrial Park as a benchmark in Fuding City, focusing on the stone industry as a breakthrough point, concentrating on solving key problems, continuously introducing automatic production equipment, increasing the treatment of pollutants such as sewage and solid waste, exploring the path of high-end, green and intensive industrial development, and achieving a win-win situation of industrial economic benefits and ecological benefits. MESSAGE FROM: Disclaimer: The data, pictures, videos and other materials involved in this publicity copy are partly from the Internet, and the purpose of reprinting is to convey more information. The content is for reference only, and the exact content is subject to the official approval or signing documents. If infringement is involved, please contact to delete.

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stone fair pic

The schedule of global international stone exhibition in the second half of 2023

Feb 01, 2023

Here is the latest news of the 2023 Stone Exhibition. Don't miss the world-class stone exhibition in 2023. Including the latest information summary of the 2023 stone exhibition in Germany, Japan, Italy, India and other countries. Do you want to know the latest stone exhibition? This article covers the large-scale stone exhibition in 2023.

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